Beauty is Not A “One Size Fits All”

Alayna Currey, Bryan Clinthorne, Iris Zou and Bella Martinez Body image is a struggle that many will come into contact with in their lifetimes. Not just weight, but anything from height, to skin tone, to body type. These insecurities manifest with different severities, and with different symptoms. We decided to focus on the way individualsContinue reading “Beauty is Not A “One Size Fits All””

Simple Digital Story

Roberto and his Health It’s not uncommon for adults in the U.S to be diagnosed with some sort of health issue. On average, according to the cdc, this happens to 6 in 10 adults across the country. This may be whether it’s cancer, strokes, a heart disease, chronic lung disease, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. What makesContinue reading “Simple Digital Story”