Life of a Covid-19 Graduate

By Isabella Martinez on April 8, 2021

During a time when no one knew what the future had in store for us, recent graduates, such as Armando Ramirez, struggled to find employment following the end of his college period. Graduating from Oakland University in the summer of 2020, Armando applied to multiple different firms, hoping to locate something in finance. After securing a position at USF, his life at adapting to a new job during a pandemic was not easy, but has been doable – he continues to do some everyday activities, with precaution, while also going back and forth between working from his apartment and his office. 

I followed Armando around for a typical “day in the life” of someone living through the Covid-19 pandemic as of March 2021. As the world slowly starts to open back up, our states continue to enforce certain restrictions and rules. For Armando, that means going into his USF office in Auburn Hills, Michigan, or working from home. Because of social distancing regulations, Armando had to work from home this day. He’s gotten used to working from home on certain days, but feels more motivated when he’s in the office working his 8am to 5pm shift.

Armando tells me, “Sometimes, I don’t even want to get out of bed or will consider my days working from home as ‘rest days’ and that’s why I kinda hope to be back in the office, all week, soon”.

The last year has taken a toll on the physical, mental and emotional state of a lot of individuals. One way that Armando keeps himself up and going is by counting to focus on activities he enjoys doing. Four times a week he takes a kickboxing class at “Title Boxing Club” in Troy, Michigan. Because of state regulations, it’s enforced to wear a face mask inside the building. The gym opened back up in November of 2020, which is when Armando returned, but social distancing makes it so that only a limited amount of people can join each class.

Armando has also always been a runner, so he enjoys going on runs after his boxing class or on his days off. Instead of going to another gym, he finds it more convenient to go on runs outside.

There isn’t much people can do right now, given that the distribution of the covid vaccine is slowly starting to be available to everyone. Therefor, Armando’s days don’t consist of a lot. He tells me how quarantine allowed for him to focus on himself and because of that, feels like he has become a better version of “Mando” – the name he goes by.

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