Lab 7

Health in Numbers

One of the biggest dividers in the US is the rich from the poor. In 2018, nearly 7.5 million families were living in poverty, which is considered a 4.7% rate. As for that same year, Oakland County was home to 106,451 families that made less than $10,000. These factors then have to do with where people live, the medicare they receive and the foods they eat. Living in a lower-income area usually means that it’s a lot easier for families to access fast-food restaurants than large markets with a variety of healthy food options. 

A city located in Oakland County is Pontiac. This city is considered to be home to lower-income families and is also the location of many fast-food restaurants. Despite this, there are only a handful of markets you can find in this area, but most of them do not have a wide range of healthy foods to choose from and if they do, the options can come out to be expensive. This doesn’t mean individuals can’t drive to the next city over and buy groceries there, but that might not come so easy to everyone. Lots of parents most likely work longer hours or can’t afford the gas money to do so and this way find it easier to buy food from a fast-food joint. 

Eating out doesn’t mean not being healthy, but eating out because healthier foods aren’t as easy to obtain or may be too expensive is a form of housing disadvantage. This also doesn’t mean that adults don’t cook the proper nutritional food for their families, but what I’m saying is that it can come a lot harder to do so for the people living in this city. Doctors advocate eating healthier, but families in Pontiac are given it easier to eat unhealthy foods because of all the fast food restaurants the city provides with such little variety of healthy foods in the markets they do have. 

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