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Roberto and his Health

It’s not uncommon for adults in the U.S to be diagnosed with some sort of health issue. On average, according to the cdc, this happens to 6 in 10 adults across the country. This may be whether it’s cancer, strokes, a heart disease, chronic lung disease, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. What makes it worse is that there aren’t cures for most of these, only treatments. Although some people are diagnosed naturally, other individuals are the leading cause for theirs. The use of drugs, a poor nutrition and overconsumption of alcohol can all guide someone in the path of having some sort of health problem. 

As previously stated, health problems is something everyone, if not most people, will have to deal with at some point in their lifetime. For my dad, Roberto Martinez, those deficiencies came much later in his life. When it comes to having both diabetes and prostate cancer, it’s hard to keep your head up, but my dad manages to most of the time. 

Ever since I got my license, going with him to his doctor appointments and picking up his medications from the hospital is a common thing. Although some days are harder than others, he’s gotten used to the changes that came into his life after being diagnosed.

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