Lab 3

My health story

Making sure I keep a positive mind set at all times can be challenging, especially during these times. As a college student, I remind myself that taking breaks to focus on my mental health is okay. One of the ways in which I do that is with Ballet Folklorico, mexican folk dancing. 

I’ve been dancing since I was 8 years old and doing so brings me happiness along with peace. My worries and stresses disappear while I’m tapping my dance shoes and waving my skirt around.

Since I tend to focus on movement when it comes to my distractions, I also love going to random parking garages to skateboard or simply mess around with friends. There’s something about being able to run and jump around with the chill night wind that feels like some sort of relief. These different forms of activity help my mental health in the long run, they keep me put together in some way.

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