Lab 1

Immigrant Health Workers

Immigration is a very important topic all around, but especially for those who deal with it first hand. Paulina Velasco, a journalist in California, took it upon herself to check in with those who help the Latinx community. Questioning them on their mental health and how they keep themselves focused and put together for their clients. I found it very different in a positive way because, of course, making sure immigrants are okay is number one.

This being said, you rarely get the story of the helper and how they manage themselves. It was interesting to read about the moxie and discipline that many hard-working, compassionate people exercise on a day-to-day basis. Hard moments and being scared all the time is something that isn’t rare for immigrants, so to see that these workers put their mental health first isn’t such a bad thing. Having the right mindset for these jobs is crucial and Paulina Velasco made sure to capture that in her interviews.

The way immigrants are portrayed in the U.S can have a huge impact on their lives. Studies, found by Emily M. Farris  and Heather Silber Mohamed , showed that 54% of images with Latinos in them are representing them in a negative way. Reading these statistics does not come to a surprise for me. Rarely is it that you see on social media or a news broadcast talk about achievements done by immigrants, Latinos or Hispanics. Most, if not all of the time, coverage is being done to depict this community. This could have a huge impact on how society views certain laws that are, or are trying to be, placed to hold back the success of immigrants. These two different stories both come together to share, in some ways, the life of immigrants, Latinos and Hispanis. Though, it’s hard for someone to give this topic attention if not affected by it, it’s important to realize that the lives of these people are impacted by others’ decisions.

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